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dtTileCacheLayerHeader Struct Reference

#include <DetourTileCacheBuilder.h>

Public Attributes

int magic
 Data magic. More...
int version
 Data version. More...
int tx
int ty
int tlayer
float bmin [3]
float bmax [3]
unsigned short hmin
unsigned short hmax
 Height min/max range. More...
unsigned char width
unsigned char height
 Dimension of the layer. More...
unsigned char minx
unsigned char maxx
unsigned char miny
unsigned char maxy
 Usable sub-region. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ bmax

float dtTileCacheLayerHeader::bmax[3]

◆ bmin

float dtTileCacheLayerHeader::bmin[3]

◆ height

unsigned char dtTileCacheLayerHeader::height

Dimension of the layer.

◆ hmax

unsigned short dtTileCacheLayerHeader::hmax

Height min/max range.

◆ hmin

unsigned short dtTileCacheLayerHeader::hmin

◆ magic

int dtTileCacheLayerHeader::magic

Data magic.

◆ maxx

unsigned char dtTileCacheLayerHeader::maxx

◆ maxy

unsigned char dtTileCacheLayerHeader::maxy

Usable sub-region.

◆ minx

unsigned char dtTileCacheLayerHeader::minx

◆ miny

unsigned char dtTileCacheLayerHeader::miny

◆ tlayer

int dtTileCacheLayerHeader::tlayer

◆ tx

int dtTileCacheLayerHeader::tx

◆ ty

int dtTileCacheLayerHeader::ty

◆ version

int dtTileCacheLayerHeader::version

Data version.

◆ width

unsigned char dtTileCacheLayerHeader::width

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